Friday, March 8, 2013

The Third Day on the Job

It's so beautiful here ! It's the 7th day and so much has happened since our arrival. Today was the second to last day for the house building! We put two rooms in the house and almost finished putting up the "wonder board". The family is getting so excited and it brings joy to our hearts just to see how happy they are. One of the boys that is living in the house told us it was magnificado! Steven, the "project manager" is a wonderful man. He is so strong and always has a solution to whatever problem we run into. He's like a little ball of muscle. His son Carlitos, who's 10, always comes straight to the worksite after school to help. He LOVES the camera and is always taking a bunch of photos. Kevin, a boy from Nan's parish, comes straight from school as well and goes straight to work. He is 19 and is adorable. He's the Salvadoran Tyrone. His birthday was yesterday so we got a card for him and we all signed it. At lunch today we sang happy birthday and gave him some quesadilla(which is delicious by the way and not the kind of quesadilla you are probably thinking of). "But, he loved it and I loved seeing that smile on his face. Nan is an amazing woman and I look up to her to much. She always has the best attitude and is hilarious. I love the group of people I have gotten to work with these past few days and it is going to be so hard to leave them."- Skylr. "I got to know the people living the house today more which was really awesome. One of them, Nicole, was asking me about my family and I told her about my parents and my sister and brother. Afterward, I asked her about her family. She told me that she doesn't have a dad. Also, her brother died years ago when he was shot by one of the gangs for no reason. It made me feel so accepted that she felt comfortable enough with me to share that. I have found that the people here are so genuine and caring."-Danielle.They accept us all and really want to get to know us. This trip has flown by! We have two full days left and only one work day. "I am not ready to leave but I am excited at the same time because I can't wait to share my experience here."- Danielle. At the work site today we got so much done that its hard to believe. However, we broke up into teams and each team had a certain task which helped a lot. It just shows that teamwork can take you very far. "Also, on the way to the site I saw a little boy on a bus stopped next to us so I waved. He got the biggest smile on his face which caused me to smile just as big. Seeing this happen shows that a simple smile and wave can brighten anyone's day."- Skylr. On the way back from the site all of us were singing in the van to the music Jorge ,our bus driver, had on his phone. It was so much fun. We stayed over at the site to get some extra stuff done so when we got back we headed straight to dinner. We had pizza ! It was delicious. After dinner, we had a quick reflection then had to pack because we changed rooms. We are now in a dorm style hallway so it will be interesting to see how much sleep we get tonight with 10 girls living in one area. Can't wait to see you all soon!

Danielle, freshman ODU and Skylr, ODU sophomore

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