Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Orphanage day 2 because Im bad blogger :)

After taking a whole day to think about what I wanted to share with you about our second day I am finally ready. The day started with intense encounters with our van possibly hitting other busses and objects in the road, but all is safe. Before making our way to the orphanage we had to make quick pit stop at the pharmacy to find steroid eye drops for poor Katies eyes. With the help of nurse/ travel doctor Melissa numero dose (Holehouse) the right drops where purchased and she is feeling much better! As we arrived at the orphanage, we where assigned to new projects for the day, much better than cleaning bathroom as was done the pervious day. Melissa Ochal, going by Melissa nĂºmero uno, because there are two Melissa's on the trip this year was blessed with playing with the baby babies up to 6 months. She even got to enjoy in the worlds first 6 month old tea party. Mary Ann one of our lovely missions helped with laundry for the day and took the grand tour of the orphanage which included finding the onsite bakery for a mid day snack. Raegan and Katie got to spend the day with the 6-12 month old children including Raegan's beautiful twins. They even got to try out finger painting! Melissa Holehouse and Lynda enjoyed a day with the 12 month to 2 year old children. We played games and thought our room mother some English. There was even an encounter with lovely child projectile vomiting which landed on Melissa Holehouse's foot but it is ok because feet are washable in all countries. Erica floated around to help with our general lack of knowledge in espanol. We are all greatly improving.

All and all everyone is surviving and are very safe. We have been blessed with good humor and love from all people. Our relationships are growing daily and we are mostly missing ice cold water. We are sad our time here is going by so fast but eager to bring back open hearts and love to the states.

God bless and keep us in your prayers as we continue our service!

Melissa Holehouse
Senior at Ohio Dominican University
Majoring in Biology/Chemistry

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  1. THANKS MELISSA! so good to hear...amazing stories yet in the end you can still say you're safe. So glad to hear Reagan is seeing the twins. may you be blessed more and more each day.