Tuesday, March 5, 2013

House Build: Day 2

Hellooo everyone! First, I just want to say what a beautiful place, El Salvador is and how much all of us are learning every minute we are here! It is truly an amazing opportunity! Today was the second day at the house building site for a family that is in need of so much more than we are. Upon our arrival back to the site, all of us rode up the hill in the back of Nan's truck to the home of Steven, our amazing construction manager & motivator. From there, we were able to pick up our tools and lumber for the home, but we were not 100% sure how everything would get back down the hill to the home site via the truck. With that dilema, several of us grabbed a few pieces of wood and started to treck down the hill with them propped on our shoulders. As Kenna and I were walking down the hill with our lumber, there was the cuttest little kitten relaxing and purring in the middle of the road. All of the neighbors were coming out of their homes to see what all of these North American girls were doing with all of this construction supplies. The experience continued with several tries of cutting & recutting and measuring & remeasuring. There were many times we had to rearrange wood, stain with burned motor oil, hammer nails, and search for the pencil. Once we finally found the pencil and rearranged everything, we were able to be very productive and sometimes, even had designated jobs. Yesterday, I felt that we were very productive, but everything seemed to be non-visible work like digging holes for posts and filling everything with concrete. Today was full of visible productivity, because we were now working on the form and roof of the home. It was such an amazing time to see everyone working together the teaching one another about the tools. As the construction continued for the day, we ran into a few troubles with limited supplies and only having bowed wood to build with. For many other situations and people, this would have been discouraging, but with the leaders and our group, we perservered and worked through everything. If I could just take two things away from today, they would be to work hard and follow God at all times. He guides us towards what we are meant to do and we have the option to follow Him. It is through this experience that I know that I am following God's mission. God is really expressing his love through the people we are meeting and I just wish to spread that love back to them in our time here in El Salvador. Blessings and Love to you, Taylor Senior Fine Arts/Art History

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  1. Taylor, thank you so much for your post...it is such a blessing to hear from you. God is doing awesome things in both you/the team and the people you are blessing... Thnaks for your service! Your words are so inspiring.
    Penny Lorei, Anna's mom.