Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello all!
No worries, were all happy, healthy, and safe. Today was a very exciting day because we all finally got to go our sights! I went to the orphanage and it was a wonderful experience! We all got to play with the adorable little children as well as clean up the third floor, which will be used for all the new orphans coming from the country side. Melissa and Erica even got to fold laundry!
My personal duties consisted of working with the medias or the middle children, and cleaning the upstairs bathroom. The little kids are separated into 3 groups; the pequenos, (meaning very little) the medias (meaning medium), and the grandes(meaning the big ones) The pequenos are the infants. The medias are age 6 months to one year and the grandes are ages one to two. All of the children are BEAUTIFUL and are all so full of love.
I worked with the special needs medias named Carlos and Gladys. Carlos has learning disabilities and is partially blind. Gladys has cerebral palsy. As I expected and was warned, I fell in love with these two children instantly. I got to play with them, hold them, and feed them. Usually there is one woman in charge of all the medias and there is 6 of them! Can you imagine taking care of, feeding, changing, occupying, and laying down all of those kids?! All the women were so nice and so thankful for our help. Gladys and Carlos were both happy little campers just being held and talked to. Because the women are stretched so thin, a lot of the time these two kids do not get played with. Both of their smiles melted my heart and I could not stop smiling. Feeding time was... Interesting. I fed Carlos in the time Isabelle (the woman in charge of the medias) fed five of the kids! Those kids can eat so much food so fast!
After we laid the kids down for a nap, we got to go eat lunch in the cafeteria. We got to eat rice, ground up beef in lime juice,pickled salad, a tortilla, and pineapple juice. It was very good. All of the older kids came to eat in the cafeteria and after they were done they cleaned all of their dishes, and mopped the floor. Talk about self sufficient!
After lunch I got to go clean the bathroom upstairs. It was....just not sanitary. There was bird droppings and feathers everywhere. Lots of dust and cockroaches were among some of the other fun things we found. Our awesome clean up crew consisted of Mary Ann the missioner, Lynda, and I. We found a hose and it did not fit on the sink so I became our own personal hose adapter which involved a lot of water spraying everywhere and lots of laughter. We got the job done fast and well! We got a mid day snack of coffee cake and coffee, which has become the new favorite drink since we have been down here.
One of my favorite parts of the day was watching our bus driver interact with one of the little girls. Our bus driver stayed and helped us work ALL DAY LONG. How absolutely wonderful is that ? The little girl would not let him go and constantly sat on his lap and gave him hugs and kisses. He was totally hooked.
We returned to the retreat center and got to share stories with the group that went to the house building site over dinner. We had great discussion at our reflection tonight and we have all become such good friends in such a short time.
We are now sitting here telling the missioners, Erica and Mary Ann, about the shows Teen Mom and Jersey Shore. Their responses and facial expressions are HYSTERICAL.
Thank you everyone for all of the thoughts and prayers, we can all feel them down here! We are all exhausted, but so excited to serve again tomorrow!

La tierra es un lugar de Gloria para Dios.... The world is the place for the glory of God!

Thanks for reading!
Katie Rini
Sophomore at ODU


  1. Gald to here you guys are doing well.

  2. Loved reading your post Katie! Thanks for sharing. I am sure all the parents and loved ones of the team are glad to hear about your trip. Sounds like such a fantastic experience. You are a special gift to the children and missioners there. Your service is really pleasing to Jesus!
    I'll be praying for your strength and energy, and health and safety. Keep up the great work and have fun!
    Penny (Anna's mom) Lorei