Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gremlins be snatching our people up!

It was a tough day today at the orphanage! All the ninos were sick, over half the babies were in the infirmary. The day went really slow because there were more workers then babies most of the day.
Melissa nĂºmero dos and I took a nap today at lunch because we were so tired from fighting off a gremlin in our room last night. Luckily Katie and Dani came in to save the day. Gremlin= curtain flapping in the wind. We were all cracking up over how silly we were acting.
The afternoon seemed to go a lot quicker because they joined forces and added the grandes ninos and medias ninos together in one room.
For those who don't know, I feel in love with a set of twins last year that are still in the orphanage. Joselynn and Root just celebrated their first birthday two months ago and are beginning to walk. I taught both of them this week to dance, blow kisses, stick their tongue out, and make the Oh Oh Oh noise by hitting their hands against there mouths. Each day I spent with them I fall more deeply in love and hope that one day I will be able to adopt the.
On our way home we found out that the house building crew was going to stay later to finish up their project for today. So our wonderful driver Mario drove us to get ice cream.
After dinner we had a very short reflection because all the students in the group had to pack up to move rooms. We are now all in one big room with separating walls. There is a picture below of our new home. There is also a picture of our friend the gecko who attends our nightly reflections, Albert!
Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Love always,
Raegan Haines
Senior at ODU
Early childhood major with a minor in Theology

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  1. Dear Raegan, if you bring the babies home, i will babysit...but do not bring any geckos home...even ones who like to attend devotions.