Sunday, March 11, 2012


Greetings All, Here are some updates on the group:

Brian S- is now known as Donald (due to 18.75% of the group being named "Brian"), he also fell out of his chair during a presentation.
Ginny L- She only found out that she would be coming one week ago, and is having the time of her life. She is happy to be here and is loving the country and it's people.
Kelly L- is the youngest of our group, and has offered a beautiful perspective on serving Christ through serving the poor.
Fr. Sizemore- has celebrated Mass for us each day, and offered some beautiful sermons that are preparing us for service with the people of El Salvador.
Tim S- Has been attacked by two bugs, but remains glad to be here.
Brian L- is on his third trip, he is so very glad to be joined by his younger sister. He is also discerning applying to be a Maryknoll lay missioner.
Dillon B- also only found out that he would be coming a week ago. He has done a great job of cantering at Mass, and is making plans to return next year after two days.
Peter A- Has really enjoyed hearing about the history of El Salvador, in addition to the particular ministries of the Maryknollers.
Melissa- has been excellent with her Spanish. She got a small cut on her knee while hiking yesterday, but has covered it with a band-aid.
Natalie G- is enjoying her second trip to El Salvador, and was invited by a group of local artisan drummers to assist with mountain-top entertainment.
Brian O- had a small liturgical incident, no one (human or Divine) was harmed. He has also enjoyed experiencing the local eateries.
Regan- has been the real trooper of the trip, being limited by her previous foot injury (which requires her to be in a walking cast), has not dampened her spirit or high pace of activity.
Dr. Caridi- (as he requires us to call him). Led his team to three consecutive loses at the traditional (ODU) Salvadorian game of "Catch Phrase".
Anna- Is having a great time, and had some particularly good Banana ice cream yesterday.
Jeremiah- is really enjoying the integration of his alama mater ODU, and current institution, the Pontifical College Josephinum.
Derlis- has proven to be completely indispensable in his native Spanish speaking skills. He has been a real leader in the group.

Another update on the activities of the day is on the way.

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