Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 5: orphanage

Day 5 in El Salvador was filled with adventures at the orphanage between running kids up and down stairs and playing ball outside it is fair to say we are all very tired. But it was nothing but a rewarding experience. We took the babies ages 6 months to a bit beyond 1 year outside to play. We spent the whole day in the sun playing, scream, and throwing fits. The babies ate lunch and took a nap and that was the perfect opportunity for some rest. After a short nap we took ourselves it was back outside for may playing. Today was a special day because our hearts were filled with joy not only from the kids but the people who normally work there. They were so thankful to have all of there for extra hands. Day after day they do all that work by themselves and it’s so hard. They kept thank us for the work because a major load was taken off their hands. We are all so thankful that we are loved and that we have been given this opportunity to serve. --Melissa (Melissa is a junior at Ohio Dominican studying Biology with a minor in Chemistry) Ps. Raegan is adopting Josaphina and Ruth the twin babies --Raegan (Raegan is a junior at Ohio Dominican studying Early Childhood Education with a minor in Theology)

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  1. Greeting to all!
    Thank you for the blog. I almost cried when I read the first entry. I so wanted to be there with you. I am praying for the success of the trip, and I am with you in spirit.
    God Bless All, Rose Crane