Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 2

Our first full day in El Salvador! We started the day with Mass then hit the capital, San Salvador.
While in the Capitol we saw the Cathedral and got to visit a Dominican Church called "El Rosario." We had the privelage of meeting Fernando, a Dominican brother studing to become a preist. Fernando shared with us the history of the beautiful church that he refered to as an Oasis in the surrounding commnity.
We also visited the memorial that honors the innocent people of El Salvador that were victums of violence and  have died or gone missing in El Savlador. The many names on the wall opened our eyes to the realilty of the suffering of the country.
 After a stop in the neighboring museum we headed to lunch at "El Pollo Real," it was delicious!
A few ice cream cones later the group visited a Christian artisan community in the heart of the city that welcomed us with open arms and helped the group understand life in El Salvador. This is a loving community that reaches out to the citizens of El Salvador to share the word of the Lord while helping them grow and prosper.
Our adventurous day ended with a steep climb to the top of "El Puerto de Diablo," the devils door, at sunset that had the most beautiful veiw of El Salvador including volcanos, mountains and the ocean.

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